Funding for professional, career-type training presents special challenges for both students and schools. Compared to students who fly for personal or recreational reasons, career training costs are higher, the schedules are usually more accelerated and frequently there is a need to defer payments until training is complete. The Career Training FAQs link in the white panel on the right addresses important questions about whether Pilot Finance programs may or may not be useful for your career training.

Career Training Concerns

For Students and Flight Schools

Pilot Finance programs are designed primarily for part-time private pilot and instrument training. If you are a student pursuing a professional pilot career or a flight school specializing in commercial or accelerated training, we strongly recommend you take a few minutes to review all of the Career Training FAQs, by clicking the link below.

Pilot Finance NEWS

To our Enrolled Flight Schools and also to our Flight Student customers (existing and applicants)...

Continuously since 1999, Pilot Finance has enabled our “Enrolled” flight school partners to offer stable, open, honest financing to their qualified students. Our programs have always worked well for one important reason -- they are carefully structured to provide financial benefits and financial protection, in equal measure, for both schools and students.

After 22+ years, the ownership of Pilot Finance operating assets will change hands soon. There are no anticipated changes to our location, personnel or contact information. For the foreseeable future during and after this transition, there should be no significant changes to the programs we offer or the flight schools we serve. The company will continue to operate as “Pilot Finance” but you may see a change to the name of the underlying owner on certain legal documents. Some customer accounts will be transferred to the new operating entity while others will still be serviced by the “legacy ownership company” Pilot Finance, Inc.

This message will appear on our home page and certain website “landing pages” until the website is fully modified by the new operating ownership. You can use the “X” at the top right corner to delete this message anytime. You can use this entire website including all FAQs, messaging and the Finance Application (and other forms) normally during this transition.

If you would like to know more about the upcoming ownership transfer, you may click below to read “A Message from our Founder.”

A Message from our Founder