Welcome Flight School Owners and
Managers. Everything you need to know
about our finance programs, the funding
process and how to enroll is right here.
We recommend taking a few minutes
to review all the FAQs. They will inform
you of the benefits such as lower dropout
rates, reaching additional student markets
and student retention. We are confident
they will help you improve your revenue.

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Step 7: Marketing Assistance - Tools For Training

Tools For Training

These items are to be handed out to your staff for training purposes. They provide valuable information and can do the heavy lifting for you in explaining the benefits of offering flight training financing. You are welcome to request printed copies in the original format via email.

Start Here

Does it Matter How You Get Paid?

The hard facts here may surprise you. There are specific reasons why pay-as-you-go training produces less revenue and fewer pilots.

Do You Know… Trifold Brochure Wrap

A thought-provoking examination of why those brochures on your counter are more powerful than they may appear!

Custom Rates

Some Schools have requested a way to offer low-rate financing. This program is our answer and Pilot Finance absorbs most of the cost!

Walkaway Joe Brochure

A light-hearted story of exactly why our programs will help your school. It is a great conversation starter with your CFIs.

Profitability Surprise

When you sharpen your pencil, you can see why a new incremental student – one you might have lost – affects your bottom line a lot!

Top Ten Humor

This is a light-hearted tongue-in-cheek look at why you may not need to use financing. It is a great meeting wrap-up handout to send everyone out excited to sign up more students.