Welcome Flight School Owners and
Managers. Everything you need to know
about our finance programs, the funding
process and how to enroll is right here.
We recommend taking a few minutes
to review all the FAQs. They will inform
you of the benefits such as lower dropout
rates, reaching additional student markets
and student retention. We are confident
they will help you improve your revenue.

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Step 5: How to Enroll

Enroll Today.

3 Ways to Enroll. First, please read the program FAQs to make certain our finance programs will be a good fit for:

  • The type of training services your school provides; and
  • Your school’s administrative capabilities

If you have questions or concerns, just call us at 800-667-0201. You’ll get quick answers. Otherwise, just click on one of the links here to choose the enrollment method that works best for you.

View/Print Flight School Enrollment Package

You can view and print our enrollment form along with additional information about offering our finance programs.

After you have filled out the enrollment form, you can submit it to Pilot Finance via fax at (847) 267-1800 or scan and email it to info@pilotfinance.com for the quickest response. Or, you can send it to us via U.S. mail if you do not have access to a fax machine or a scanner. View/Print Flight School Enrollment Package

Enrollment Checklist

It only takes a few seconds but this checklist will help you avoid confusion and delays. We want to have you enrolled quickly!

Enrollment Profile

We need this form to learn about your school and the training services you provide.

School Brochure

A light-hearted story of exactly why our programs will help your school. It is a great conversation starter with your CFIs.

Does it Matter How You Get Paid?

The hard facts here may surprise you. There are specific reasons why pay-as-you-go training produces less revenue and fewer pilots.

Custom Rates

Some schools have requested a way to offer low-rate financing. This program is our answer and Pilot Finance absorbs most of the cost!

Do You Know… Trifold Brochure Wrap

A thought-provoking examination of why those brochures on your counter are more powerful than they may appear!

Preferred Rates

Your staff should know about this and be able to explain it to potential students. We offer lower rates and interest savings to every customer!

Credit Card Considerations

Some customers may wish to pay for training with a credit card. For some that is a wise decision. This brochure insert helps them decide.

Profitability Surprise

When you sharpen your pencil, you can see why a new incremental student – one you might have lost – affects your bottom line a lot!

Top Ten Humor

This is a light-hearted tongue-in-cheek look at why you may not need to use financing.

Request a Mailed Enrollment Package

We would be happy to mail you a complete copy of our Flight School Enrollment Package. Please complete the information form below and we will put a copy in the mail for you within 24 business hours.

Enroll Online

Before you decide if you want to enroll, we strongly suggest that you read through all the FAQs about our programs, benefits of financing, what types of training we can finance and funding of financed training. This will give you the information you need to make sure our finance programs will work well for you and your school.

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